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Very cool!

I'm hooked! I can't wait to see more! oh yeah, nice ff7 music lol.


I got chills down my spine. Seriously. MORE MORE MORE!!!!

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Very enjoyable!
Just a few bugs. I left the crew on Earth, but flew the rocket to the asteroid, gave the drill, drop, and detonate commands, and the asteroid still exploded haha.

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Great time waster!

i enjoyed it! dont let these other guys who voted low because there was no bloodshed or flashing dicks get you down.

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I've got this page bookmarked. I can't download the radio cause i'm running Ubuntu and its made for windows, but this works fine. i have the ngap playing in the background almost constantly, very nice. you guys should totally do an IPod App, that would be sweet

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Oh my god dude. This is your masterpiece. I love every bit of it. Well put together, funky bit caught me off-guard, but damn it fits. Bravo, take my 5.
*gears start turning* muahaha

PirateCrab responds:

Haha thank you bro! I agree completely that this is my best work! All I can do now is keep on making more stuff and finally get my album out there :D
I look forward to seeing what you can do ;)

Never played the game, but that's a cool melody! Nice to see you've got some stuff up now!
What kind of recording conditions are you talking about?

blanchon responds:

I'm pretty proud of myself going through my laziness and recorded stuff ! Thanks for the comment, man !

For the conditions ; well, first thing is my computer's vent system is making a shitton of noise. Second is the fact that I don't have a perfect place nor time to record so I have to do it in my living room, where we can hear pretty much anything happening in the house ...

Finally the PC I had for the recording is pure garbage, Even if my mic does not record any sound, there will still be some "noise" (you can hear it a little in the recording right there).

But with all of these flaws, I still managed to upload something ... I'd say half decent ^^'

OH SHIT. That is such an improvement. Fucking sick man. Downloaded so hard hehe.

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"Do you have some examples of your work I might be able to learn from?"
Classy! lol

I find myself wanting to dig through my closet to find old games after seeing your work. Keep it up!

Dude, your art is badass! What program do you use??

Tremulos responds:

Thanks! I use LIghtwave. I've been messing around in this program for years :P

AWESOME! That little doll is a badass.
I didn't think that when i clicked on it, that it would be such a big image, but upon zooming I could definitely see all the detail and attention you put into this!

Vurchoo responds:

Thanks! I will try to keep it up & do better on future projects!

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