Redoing my old songs!

2014-03-06 04:04:41 by PhallicNinja

Since I've had my new equipment I've wanted to revisit my earlier submissions and bring them up to the level my current ones are at. First up was Insomnia, I'll rework them from the earliest sumbission date. With my first setup, without a pop-filter and no sound treatment, I had to be QUIET while recording my screaming or sit farther away from my desk, cause my shitty little Blue Snowball couldn't handle the vocals without cracking. As I got more equipment, I could try new types of screaming at at different volumes, and my style changed. Now I scream into an Audix I-5 (used commonly as a snare drum mic, it's tough getting that sucker to clip) situated into a cabinet that is lined with sound dampening foam. Boom.


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