2013-09-11 01:24:54 by PhallicNinja

So I got a new mic yesterday, The Audix I-5. And to celebrate, I make a sound cabinet!
I took a "build it yourself" cheap-o cabinet from Walmart, and lined some of it with acoustic foam, like my old box! Also it's where I now store my ever growing collection of audio swag.

I needed this cause I used to record all my screams from a seated position, into my desk-height mic box. Posture is preeeetty important when doing ANY kind of vocal work. So now I can stand and scream and it's much more comfortable.

Cause my mic is no longer right on my desk, I have my Kindle Fire propped up there on the bottom shelf, and I have my MixCraft 6 remote app, so I can hit play, record, Undo and stuff like that from the cabinet. TECHNOLOGY WOO



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2013-09-11 08:21:14

Damn that's pretty smart ! I REALLY need to finally get the stuff so that I can get to recording, thanks for the great idea by the way ! :3

PhallicNinja responds:

Ha no problem! I lined the walls with stuff made for sound production, but the ceiling and floor are lined with Air Conditioner Side panel foam like this. Still works well though! I've seen people make their isolation boxes with just that stuff on YouTube and they say it works well.


2013-09-24 21:32:17

Cool that you've got it coated so the sound doesn't bounce off...and distort....and yeah haha legitimate fecal matter, I say!

PhallicNinja responds:

Yea suuuuun. Without that my recordings would have more of a 'fecal matter' quality to them.