my first song to get 1K views!

2013-07-19 17:27:24 by PhallicNinja

SO FUCKING HAPPY! Can You Fuck a Ghost has been my most viewed song, despite it being one of my newest. (3 days)

Star power from famous animators is a powerful thing to a small time Audio Portal kid like me.

Thanks for all the views that I wouldn't have had without you guys! I have no shame in piggy-backing lol


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2013-07-19 17:34:43



2013-07-20 07:05:38

You welcome ! And you couldn't be famous if your stuff was crap, unlike some random korean faking horse-riding ... y'see ? :P

P.S. : I've indeed checked ALL of your stuff ! (even the MUCH OLDER stuff !) ;3

PhallicNinja responds:

BAHAHA nononono not the OOOOLD STUFF!

Hey man I checked out your page, it'd be really cool to hear those riffs if you put them up!


2013-07-23 02:58:03

never listen to that song with headphones or else say goodbye eardrums