My screams are getting better =D

2013-07-13 06:05:49 by PhallicNinja

I've been working a lot on my Mid and High screams.
Through my songs I've been getting better at them and trying to add more, and there are a LOT in the new song Adilovemetal and I just put out.

My lows I've always been comfortable with. I've gotten the technique down, so I can do them for hours and hours and never go hoarse (cause that means you're doing it wrong). My high screams though, until recently, would burn my voice out really quick. But with practice, I've gotten to what you hear up there. =]=]


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2013-07-14 11:22:40

Damn, I actually am trying to do some screamo work for a band I'm about to build up with friends, but sadly, can't find any place nor time to train my voice ... :/

(Updated ) PhallicNinja responds:

For me it was driving. That's where I would practice CAUSE I used to live in the middle of nowhere and it took forever to get to anything. There were some videos online that helped out too. Some are really helpful and would give me small breakthroughs, some are just little tweens who think they know what they are doing but don't help at all . =(