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Tristious made me this badass work last night!

Check him out here!


Redoing my old songs!

2014-03-06 04:04:41 by PhallicNinja

Since I've had my new equipment I've wanted to revisit my earlier submissions and bring them up to the level my current ones are at. First up was Insomnia, I'll rework them from the earliest sumbission date. With my first setup, without a pop-filter and no sound treatment, I had to be QUIET while recording my screaming or sit farther away from my desk, cause my shitty little Blue Snowball couldn't handle the vocals without cracking. As I got more equipment, I could try new types of screaming at at different volumes, and my style changed. Now I scream into an Audix I-5 (used commonly as a snare drum mic, it's tough getting that sucker to clip) situated into a cabinet that is lined with sound dampening foam. Boom.


2014-02-26 14:08:01 by PhallicNinja

NEW MATERIAL!  My newest project is built off of BERSERKYD'S "Apocalypse Thunder Bear"


But when I approached him about using his song HE THREW SOLOS IN IT FOR ME! Cool guy!

I've screamed APOCALYPSETHUNDERBEAR so many times over the recoding I don't think I ever want to speak the words again lol. BUT LEAVE ME A REVIEW OF YOU CAN! =)

Aaaahhhh. I think this is the best thing I've made with my new equipment so far. Being stupid is so much easier than being all moody and serious, like metal usually calls for. MERRY CHRISTMAS MOTHER FUCKERS

I've always had a hard time writing lyrics to anything that didn't have a silly feel to it. I have a hard time writing about tough past experiences because . . will I don't have any! I can't belt out sweet verses about traumas and nasty situations when I haven't been in any! And thaaaaats why I always seem to be writing silly songs. About guacamole. Or being a shut in. Or fucking ghosts. =/        Maybe I'll make a Christmas song tomorrow.

finally . . .NEW STUFF!

2013-11-27 03:37:38 by PhallicNinja

After long long break I put a new song up, over a Tremulos track again.

Inspiration is hard enough to find when writing song lyrics, and it's even harder when people you don't want to talk to keep bugging you. So I drew from that.

Also a project with MetalRenard in the near future! Wooooo


2013-09-11 01:24:54 by PhallicNinja

So I got a new mic yesterday, The Audix I-5. And to celebrate, I make a sound cabinet!
I took a "build it yourself" cheap-o cabinet from Walmart, and lined some of it with acoustic foam, like my old box! Also it's where I now store my ever growing collection of audio swag.

I needed this cause I used to record all my screams from a seated position, into my desk-height mic box. Posture is preeeetty important when doing ANY kind of vocal work. So now I can stand and scream and it's much more comfortable.

Cause my mic is no longer right on my desk, I have my Kindle Fire propped up there on the bottom shelf, and I have my MixCraft 6 remote app, so I can hit play, record, Undo and stuff like that from the cabinet. TECHNOLOGY WOO


Adilovemetal just put up a rough version of our new project together! Check it out!

ALSO!!! Can You Fuck A Ghost has now passed the 2k view mark! HOORAY!

So the artists I've done projects with are as follows.

Tremulos with 5 songs.
Adilovemetal with 1 (two versions of that song though)
LucaSignorelli with 2.

Hopefully I make this list grow and grow!

my first song to get 1K views!

2013-07-19 17:27:24 by PhallicNinja

SO FUCKING HAPPY! Can You Fuck a Ghost has been my most viewed song, despite it being one of my newest. (3 days)

Star power from famous animators is a powerful thing to a small time Audio Portal kid like me.

Thanks for all the views that I wouldn't have had without you guys! I have no shame in piggy-backing lol